TOMILLAR · Tempranillo
January 27, 2017
Young Reds

TOMILLAR · Tempranillo

Tempranillo - 2,016

Preparation: After destemming, the grapes are vatted at low temperature for 24-48 hours in self-draining tanks where the pre-fermentation maceration of the ski ns takes place a (02-saturated atmosphere. Subsequently, the temperature increases, so that alcoholic fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 25°(. When devatted, the different qualities are mixed so that the wine becomes well-structured, subsequently being transferred to casks where the relevant settling process takes place. Prior to this, the wine undergoes the 2nd fermentation process in stainless steel tanks.


Young Reds





Look Stage: Intense cherry red color of medium depth with purplish iridescence.
Scent Stage: With an aroma of average intensity, red fruit (blackberry, raspberry) and floral (violets) aromas stand out.Taste Stage: Silky and pleasant on the mid-palate, it is flavourful and delicate with a long and persistent finish.


Particularly suited to game, "shepherds' gazpacho'; bean and hare stews or roasted lamb.


In process to obtain a valoration in USA

Virgen de las Viñas

Since 1788 the Lopez Montero family has been dedicated to the wine and distillates. Bodegas Verum is the winery which concentrate all the best of the family properties, the best grapes, the oldest plants and the most special soils to achieve the highest level of quality.

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