Tavasa Destilerías
January 18, 2018

Tradition, professionalism and rapid response

TARIFA VARRILADO SA (TAVASA) is one of the main Spanish manufacturers, with a broad range of products. We are family company with more than 167 years of history, with modern manufacturing facilities located in Casarrubios Del Monte, half way between Toledo and Madrid.

TAVASA uses its industrial experience, the careful selection of raw materials and innovation, to offer a portfolio with more than 350 references, which accompany the consumer at any time and place. Its products are present on the main points of consumption and large distribution, thanks to a network distributors. Also exported to several countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

TAVASA from tradition, but also is a modern and flexible organization, advancing to the dictates of the market. Its business philosophy is based on professionalism and rapid response to customers. All this, without forgetting its clear commitment to quality, responsible consumption and environmental care.

TAVASA has modern facilities, located on an area of 40.000m2.The factory is equipped with the most advanced technical machinery, with capacity for the storage of more than 6.000.000 litres. It has two bottling chains of up to 16.000 bottles per hour and machinery for handling and packaging in any format. The cellar houses American oak barrels in which the wine exchanges its bouquet of fresh fruit to more delicate and profound aromas. It also has a spacious cellar where, after aging in barrels, the wine rests to offer more polished tannins and to develop full elegance.



The origins of TAVASA date back to the mid-19th century. In 1847 in Martos de Jaen, Andalucia, was created the first winery of the family. Later, the business emigrated to Cuba entering the manufacture of traditional spirits of the island, as the liquors of cane or sugar cane distillates. The family returned to Spain in 1898, after the war of Cuba and having lost everything, but with all the experience gained during its Caribbean adventure.

Located in the heart of Madrid, this time, the business focused on the development of wines, marc, aniseed spirits, brandy, covering the market of the capital. In the following decades, TAVASA was growing and was provided with new and modern methods of production and packaging. In 1965, the company’s traditional supply in bulk and in carafes, changed to bottling. Also, the company began to distribute its products at national level and started the development of new type of wines.

In 1980, TAVASA addressed an important investment in infrastructure, moving its factory to Arganda del Rey. Ten years later, there is another milestone in its development, with the start of the export and the introduction of its products in the emerging market of the great distribution. In these years, the company also addressed his third move, this time to its current location, in a new factory with the latest technologies and processes capable to address the current and future challenges of the business. The acquisition of these modern and functional facilities, from where TAVASA Distillery operates today, was at the time an investment close to five million Euros.

Today, the organization retains its family character and is guided by the sixth generation of the Tarifa family. At the forefront of the company Mr. José Luis Tarifa Guallart, its President, who is supported in his work of management by his two sons: Hugo Tarifa de Vicente, as General Director of the company and David Tarifa de Vincente, as Financial Director. There are also other members of the family working in the organization.

The family character of TAVASA is printed, not only in its management team, but also in its staffing and recruitment policies. Currently, the company employs several families. Also, in the recruitment of long term and short term employees, have priority the relatives of their current employees.TAVASA operates through a team of expert professionals, with seniority and committed to customer and consumer satisfaction.

TAVASA is a traditional company with a great experience, which has become a healthy and growing business due to the effort of several generations. Our products are present in all the regions of Spain and our sights are set increasingly on the international markets, where we are starting to export our more traditional proposals and also our innovations.

In recent decades, the strategy of TAVASA has been to offer a wide range of products, enabling consumers to enjoy the drink of their choice, at any time and place. Our wines are known for their quality and reasonable cost, for their production with the best row materials and technologies, and for their mix of old and new, that gives them their personal seal.

Our growth and evolution have been achieved by the effort of our own team, as well as the creation of a network of specialized and able suppliers. We offer our distributors a range of quality and competitive products for their easy introduction in any market segment. Also, the rapid adaptation to customer needs is one of our strengths as a company.

We believe in the future of our business and we intend to continue growing and generating value for all our partners, suppliers and customers, and also for consumers, whose satisfaction is our reason of living. We hope that, in the coming years, market and consumers continue to support us in this exciting adventure.

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