Time makes us stronger, with vibrant wines full of fine bubbles.

Family winery that finds its inspiration in Finca el Moralejo, where the founders discovered its best kept secret: the character of vides in a pure state, more than 1.000 m above the sea level.

Its proximity to the Mediterranean sea favours an optimal phenolic ripeness along with the proper physiological maturity of the grapes, this ensures the finest expression of our unique terroir, in which the calcareous clay soil provides with elegant aromas of scrubland.

This natural heritage pampered through a careful and precise viticulture, so our winemaker Hervé Jestin can obtain the purest must, the essential factor for premium wines.


Garcia Palazón family started working in agriculture with Atilano Garcia at beginning of the 20th century. After many years of searching to rekindle his dream they find the estate El Moralejo is an estate which, along centuries has been related to viticulture. Its biggest potential is its attitude, in as much as it gets to reach 1050 meters of altitude above the sea level. In a unique enclave in full nature. If they had something clear in their minds was this Project would be in high altitude vineyards, where the freshness of the summer and its thermal range between day and night would give the unique character which nowadays can be recognized in all our still and sparkling wines. Without losing sight of the altitude, which will always be favorable to us, since global warming is a very present factor and with overtime foresee to change the world outlook of the viticulture. It is a fact that the family did at that time, nowadays is a trend, coming ahead of time, and every day it is more common to see in the media famous producers acquiring high altitude vineyards looking for the freshness.