Quality and Good Taste.

Casa Antonete Winery gathers around 32 million kg of grapes per year. Our winery has freezing tanks which are also self-emptying. We also own in our winery pneumatic presses and six dumps for unloading (two for white and four for red varieties). We also have rotary vinifiers. We have 600 Oak barrels to make Crianza and Reserva wines. We sell both bulk and bottled wine. Finally, we also have a wine shop at our winery.


Casa Antonete Winery was founded in 1956 by 11 partners, but today it has got around 2400 partners, so the growth has been remarkable. Although it belongs to a cooperative, the winery is the main activity. The winery started with just one brand of bottled wine: Casa Antonete. In that brand there is the wine that belongs to the autochthonous varieties of our area (La Mancha). Later, when the French and modern variesties, like Chardonnay, Merlot or Syrah, arrived in our area, we created another brand called “Négora” to make that wine.