Our vineyards are our greatest value.

Santa Cruz de Alpera winery is focused on seeking the welfare of the more than 400 associates that currently form our winery, which is one of the main economic engines of Alpera, a small town of 2500 inhabitants. Our commitment to the environment is using the non-invasive vine growing, with more than 1000 hectares in organic certified production. To protect and promote our indigenous variety, Garnacha Tintorera, is another part of the base of our philosophy. Finally, our technical staff leads a selection process of vineyards and the implementation of innovative manufacturing techniques which results in an increase in the added value of our wines.


The Bodega Santa Cruz de Alpera was founded in 1947 by 25 winegrowers. Their goal was to create a winery to elaborate their own wines and this journey leads us to today. After more than 60 years of experience and with larger vineyards and totally modernized facilities, we face new challenges ahead. We aim to keep the cooperative identity; our winery offers unique products due to grow a single variety, Garnacha Tintorera. With about 3,000 hectares cultivated, more than a third in organic farming, the winery meets markets in several countries.