Bodega Soledad, we have the sun and the time.

Bodega Soledad is a traditional winery located in the center of Spain at about 800 meters altitude, our summer climate is hot by the day and cool at night, obtaining a perfect ripening of the grape. All this together with the antiquity of our vineyard and a careful elaboration, result in wines of a high quality:

– Bisiesto: It is an elegant wine for demanding palates.
– Solmayor: Wine young, fresh and very aromatic. Monovarietal of the diferents varieties.
– Camponoble: The nobility of our farmers made wine.
– Kruberg: The soul of the party, came young, happy and full of bubbles.

The soul of the party, came young, happy and full of bubbles


Bodega Soledad was founded in 1969 by 59 local farmers with a combined production of 2,000 tonnes of grapes. The construction work was financed with a loan from the so called Work Protection Fund amounting to 6 million pesetas.

The winery was born with the aspiration to be present in international markets. Export activity began in the 80s. At the same time steel tanks and cooling systems were introduced as a way to maintain and improve the quality of the final produce.

Currently Bodega Soledad processes more than 20 million kilos of grapes annually, depending on the crop. These are contributed by 280 producers, owners of a total of more than 2,400 hectares. Over 75% of production is exported.