Sharing Unique Moments.

Tintoralba is located in the north-eastern part of the Almansa Designation of Origin, one of the nine wine-growing regions of Castile-La Mancha. Our winery has its facilities in a small, picturesque town called Higueruela, standing proudly between 900 and 1,000 m. above sea level, just 100 kilometers from the Mediterranean coastline.

In this exclusive location, the soils are chalky with little organic material, a sandy texture and shallow depth. The region’s harsh, dry continental climate causes extreme temperatures during both summer and winter, favoring small productions and a slower grape-ripening period.

We offer great value for money wines with good reviews from the most important wine critics. We invite you to try something different and unique: our red wines made with a promising local grape, GARNACHA TINTORERA, one of the few grapes with a brilliant, red-pigmented pulp.


Tintoralba has its origins in the Santa Quiteria Cooperative in Higueruela (Albacete province), founded in 1958 to address the economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations shared by all its members. Since then, Tintoralba has maintained and promoted the principles that served as the foundation for this union: freedom, participation, autonomy, cooperation, commitment and interest in the common good.

Today, we are a large enterprising team made up of 225 members, where we all work together: we join efforts, combine resources and perfect our knowledge to improve quality and technique to make exceptional products that accompany the most unique moments in our lives.

What makes Bodegas Tintoralba unique is that our members are more than associates. They are farmers, cousins, neighbors, shopkeepers, friends, and beyond all else, artists for elaborating outstanding wine. Over the years, as a community, we have built up over 1,500 hectares of our own vineyards, an exceptional achievement due to both our size and quality. Coupled with the outstanding leadership of our winemaker, Pedro Sarrión Martínez, we produce wines that reflect not only the character of the terroir, but of our emblematic indigenous grape, Garnacha Tintorera.