Just for you, the best value for money with an exceptional service.

Bodegas Yuntero is one of the oldest cooperative wineries from Spain. It was founded in 1954 and it is located in La Mancha, the land of Don Quixote. Our vineyard is really diversified because we have a wide range of white and red grape varieties.

Our mission is the economic and environmental sustainability. That is the reason we are a cooperative. We work for the people who work the land, so, the growers. Also, we were pionners producing organic grapes and elaborating this pure nature wine.

Moreover, we elaborate wine of different categories:

  • DO LA MANCHA Wine.
  • IGP Tierra de Castill Wine.
  • Varietal Wine.
  • Table Wine.

The main aim is the flexibility for every project that’s why we set a new line for Bag in Box in different sizes. Our capacity for storage is 2.000.000 of bottles.

In terms of quality, we are certified for IFS, BRC, ISO9001 and ISO 14001. We work with Sohiscert to certify our organic vineyards.

All of our white wines and some of red wines are for vegan people

Currently, we are exporting to 22 countries, mainly to western Europe that is Germany, Belgium, Uk, Holland, Russia, Ukraine and Poland. We are also well represented in Japan, China, South Korea.

Just for you, the best value for money with an exceptional service.


The winery was founded on March 20, 1954. It was a result of 102 growers who wants to elaborate their own wine to show to the world the good products they have in La Mancha. Some of these growers are still working for Bodegas Yuntero.  Bodegas Yuntero has improved all the method to elaborate wines without losing the tradition.  More people want to join to Bodegas Yuntero as member every year. It is due to great service for each one and the human treat of each one.  All wines have collected numerous awards within these last years in the international markets. The story of the winery is the story of our people.